15 Best Short Moral Stories For Kids 2023

15 Best Short Moral Stories For Kids 2023 In this article, we are going to tell you about Moral Stories. You must have heard these stories from your grandparents in your childhood. These stories are very informative and educative for childrens. You will learn a lot of good thing from these moral hindi stories . Which you can use in your life to get success.

These stories are very interesting. Reading which you and the kids will enjoy a lot. Some New Short Moral Stories 2023 have been given in these. So that you can experience newness. If you are bored of reading old stories then here we are giving you the best new 60 Moral Stories in Hindi for kids.

15 Best Short Moral Stories For Kids

1. Bloody Lake

Once upon a time there was a lake in a forest. Which was famous by the name of Bloody Lake. After evening, if anyone went to drink water in that lake, he would not come back. One day the Chunnu deer came to live in that forest.

He met Jaggu the monkey in the forest. Jaggu the monkey told Chunnu the deer all about the forest but forgot to tell about the lake. Jaggu the monkey introduced the Chunnu deer to all the animals of the forest the next day.

Chunnu Deer’s best friend in the forest became a cheeky rabbit. Whenever Chunnu deer felt thirsty, he used to go to that lake to drink water. He used to go to drink water in it even in the evening.

One evening when he went to drink water in that lake, he saw a crocodile coming towards him very fast. Seeing whom he started running towards the forest very fast. On the way he found Jaggu the monkey.

Jaggu asked Chunnu deer the reason for running so fast. Chunnu deer told him the whole thing. Jaggu the monkey said that I had forgotten to tell you that it is a bloody lake. In which whoever goes after evening does not return.

But what is the crocodile doing in that lake. We have never seen him. It means that crocodile eats all the animals who go to drink water in that lake after evening.

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The next day, Jaggu the monkey took all the animals of the forest and went to that lake. The crocodile hid seeing all the animals coming. But the back of the crocodile was still visible above the water.

All the animals said that what they see outside the water is a crocodile. The crocodile did not say anything after hearing this. The cheeky rabbit thought and said no, it is a stone. But we will believe only when he tells himself.

Hearing this, the crocodile said that I am a stone. From this all the animals came to know that it is a crocodile. The cheeky rabbit told the crocodile that you don’t even know that stones don’t speak. After this, all the animals together chased away that crocodile from that lake and started living happily.

Moral of the Story

Learning We learn from this story that if we face any problem together without panic, then we can get rid of it.

2. Cowardly stone

Long time ago a craftsman went to the forest to find stones to make an idol. There he found a very nice stone. Seeing whom he was very happy and said that it is very suitable for making an idol.

When he was coming, he found another stone, he took that stone with him. After going home, he picked up the stone and started working on it with his tools.

When the stone was hurt by the tools, the stone started saying leave me, it is hurting me a lot. If you hit me, I will fall apart. You make an idol on some other stone.

The craftsman felt pity after listening to the stone. He left the stone and started making an idol with another stone. That stone didn’t say anything. In some time the craftsman made a very nice idol of God from that stone.

The people of the village came to collect the idol after it was made. They thought that we would need another stone to crack the coconut. They also took the first stone placed there with them. Taking the idol, he decorated it in the temple and placed the same stone in front of it.

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Now whenever a person came to visit the temple, he used to worship the idol with flowers, bathe it with milk and break coconut on that stone. When people used to break coconut on that stone, they would be very upset.

He was in pain and used to scream but no one was there to listen to him. That stone spoke to the stone made into an idol and said that you are very happy, so people worship you. You are bathed with milk and offerings of laddus are made.

But my luck is bad, people break coconuts on me. The stone made of this statue said that when the craftsman was working on you, if you had not stopped him at that time, you would have been in my place today.

But you chose the easy way, that’s why you are suffering now. That stone had understood the matter of stone becoming an idol. He said that from now on also I will not complain. After this people would come and break coconut on it.

When the coconut breaks, coconut water falls on it as well and now people have started keeping the idol on that stone by offering prasad.

Moral of the Story

Learning — We should never be afraid of difficult situations.

3. Treasure Hunt

In a village, a farmer named Ramlal lived with his wife and four boys. Ramlal used to feed his family by working hard in the fields. But all four of his boys were lazy.

Those who used to roam here and there in the village. One day Ramlal told his wife that at present I am working in the fields. But what will happen to these boys after me? They never even made any effort. He never even went to the farm.

Ramlal’s wife said that slowly they will also start working. Time passed and Ramlal’s sons did not do any work. Once Ramlal fell very ill. He remained ill for many days.

He asked his wife to call all the four boys and bring them. His wife called all the four boys and brought them. Ramlal said that it seems that now I will not be alive for long. Ramlal was worried about what would happen to his sons after he left.

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That’s why he said sons, whatever I have earned in my life, I have buried that treasure under my fields. After me, take out the treasure from it and distribute it among you. All the four boys were happy to hear this.

Ramlal died after some time. A few days after Ramlal’s death, his sons went to extract the treasure buried in the field. He dug the whole field from morning till evening. But he could not see any treasure.

The boys came home and told their mother that mother and father had lied to us. We did not find any treasure in that field. His mother told that your father has earned only this house and farm in his life. But now you have dug the field, so sow the seeds in it.

After this the boys sowed the seeds and watered them as per the instructions of the mother. After some time, the crop was ripe and ready. By selling which the boys made a good profit. With whom he reached his mother. Mother said that your hard work is the real treasure, this is what your father wanted to explain to you.

Moral of the Story

Learning — We should work hard leaving laziness. Hard work is the real wealth of man.

4. Fruit of hard work

Two friends Nakul and Sohan lived in a village. Nakula was very religious and believed in God a lot. While Sohan was very hardworking. Once both of them together bought one bigha of land. Due to which he wanted to grow a lot of crops and build his house.

Sohan used to work very hard in the field, but Nakul did not do any work, instead he used to go to the temple and pray to God for a good harvest. This is how time passed. After some time the crop of the field was ripe and ready.

Which both of them took to the market and sold it and got good money. After coming home Sohan told Nakul that I will get more share of this money because I have worked hard in the field.

Hearing this, Nakul said no, I should get more share of the money than you, because I prayed to God, only then we got a good crop. Nothing is possible without God. When both of them could not settle this matter among themselves, both of them went to the head of the village for the distribution of money.

After listening to both of them, the headman gave each of them a sack of rice in which pebbles were mixed. The chief said that till tomorrow morning both of you have to separate rice and pebbles from it, then I will decide who should get more share of this money.

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Both went to their home with a sack of rice. Sohan stayed awake all night separating the rice and pebbles. But Nakula went to the temple with a sack of rice and prayed to God to separate the pebbles from the rice.

The next morning Sohan took as much rice and pebbles as he could separate and went to the headman. Seeing whom the chief was happy. Nakul went to the headman carrying the same sack.

The chief asked Nakul to show how much rice you have cleaned. Nakul said that I have full faith in God that all the rice must have been cleaned. When the sack was opened, the rice and pebbles were the same.

The landlord told Nakul that even God helps only when you work hard. The landlord gave the greater part of the money to Sohan. After this, Nakul also started working hard in the field like Sohan and this time his crop was better than before.

Moral of the Story

Learning — This story teaches us that we should never rely on God. We should work hard to achieve success.

5. True Companions

Once upon a time there was a girl named Radha who lived with her father. His mother had passed away in his childhood. She used to do her household chores and then go to college. While going to college, she used to feed the birds everyday at one place on the way.

There were two birds in her house too, she used to feed them daily. One day the landlord’s son saw him feeding the birds. He went to his father and expressed his desire to marry Radha.

The landlord talked to Radha’s father and got his son married to Radha. Radha came to her in-laws house taking two birds from the house’s cage along with her. She used to feed those birds everyday. Radha’s mother-in-law did not like this at all.

She used to disturb those birds. She used to throw their grains and water on the ground. One day Radha’s mother-in-law threw the bird cage on the ground. Radha saw him doing this.

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When Radha refused, her mother-in-law gave Dot to Radha. Radha started getting upset due to all these things. One day when Radha’s husband asked the reason for the trouble, she told the whole thing. Her husband advised Radha to release the birds in the park for their welfare. At the behest of her husband, Radha left those two birds in the park along with the rest of the birds.

She used to go to the park to feed them sometimes. Now all the birds of the park had become good friends of Radha. Birds have now started visiting Radha’s house as well. Radha’s mother-in-law got angry when she came to know about this. She took Radha with her to drop her at her maternal home.

On the way some thieves tried to steal Radha’s mother-in-law’s jewellery. Then Radha’s birds came and attacked the thieves. Due to which the thieves ran away. After this Radha and her mother-in-law returned home.

Now the thinking of Radha’s mother-in-law had changed towards the birds. He told Radha that now we will go to feed both the birds and will bring the first two birds back home. Radha was very happy to hear this.

Moral of the Story

Learning — This story teaches us that we should treat animals well.

6. Guests came home

Rahul lived with his wife Seema and his mother. During the summer vacation, Rahul’s aunt and uncle came to stay at their house with their son Sonu. As soon as he came home, uncle said to Rahul that it is very hot here.

Is there no AC in the house? Rahul’s mother said, Brother, just a few days back, Rahul has got AC installed in his room. On hearing this, uncle said to his son that he took all the things to Rahul’s room. Rahul and his wife Seema remained silent as they thought it was only a matter of few days.

In this way, it has been one month for aunt and uncle to stay at Rahul’s house. Rahul asked his mother when Buaji was going to leave. For how long will we spend our lives sleeping in the hall like this? Rahul’s mother said son, it is a matter of kinship. We can’t even say anything. Rahul’s wife Seema said that everything is fine but their little son Sonu keeps fussing in the house all day.

Yesterday he tore our new sofa badly. Rahul was very angry that he tore the new sofa. He told his wife why don’t you stop Sonu from doing this. Seema said since the time aunt, uncle have come. Some demand to eat something. Due to which my and mother’s whole day is spent in the kitchen.

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Rahul said that I will go now and ask uncle that when will he go at last. While talking, Rahul told his uncle that it has been one month. Your job holidays must have ended, haven’t they?

Uncle said Rahul, when did I leave the job. Now I do business and now I am thinking of opening some business in this city also. First of all, I should understand this city well, which will take 2-3 months at least.

Hearing this, Rahul understood that uncle is not going to leave now. He told this to his wife and mother. Seema said, when ghee does not come out with a straight finger, then the finger has to be bent.

Something similar has to be done with them too. You leave this work on me now. The same night aunt and uncle were on the terrace. Then his son Sonu went to him shouting and said that I have just seen a witch.

Then a witch came there and said to aunt and uncle that which of you would like to be my food first. Seeing the witch, he got very scared and ran away from that house. After they leave, Seema takes off her witch mask.

After the departure of Bua’s family, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Seema’s mother-in-law told Seema that you make a very good witch. Everyone started laughing after saying this.

Moral of the Story

Learning — We learn from this story that we should not take advantage of any relationship. The way Bua’s family took advantage of their kinship and harassed others.

7. The Golden Egg

It was a long time ago that a person named Ali lived in a village. His parents had passed away in his childhood. He used to earn his living by working in the fields with great difficulty. He had a hen. Who used to give him an egg everyday.

When he never had anything to eat, he used to eat his chicken’s egg and go to sleep at night. A person named Basa lived in his neighborhood. Who was not the right person.

When he saw that Ali was living well, he stole Ali’s hen one day. When Ali was not at home. After this, Basa killed the hen and cooked it and ate it. When Ali came home and did not see the hen at home, he started looking here and there for his hen.

He saw some chicken feathers outside Basa’s house. When he talked to Basa, Basa said that his cat had caught a hen. I cooked it and ate it. Little did I know she is your hen.

Ali told Basa that he would complain about this to the magistrate. Hearing this, Basa gave Ali a small duck instead of a chicken. Ali reared that duck, which after a few days grew up and started laying eggs.

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One night when it was raining heavily. A sadhu arrived at Basa’s house to ask for a place to stay, drenched. But Basa refused him. After this he went to Ali’s house. Ali gave him a place to stay and also fed him food.

The next morning he started leaving Ali’s house but while leaving he touched the head of Ali’s duck. After this, when the duck laid the egg, it was of gold. Ali was very happy to see this.

Now whenever the duck laid an egg, it used to be of gold. All the poverty of Ali was removed by selling the golden egg. But still he lived a simple life. One day Basa saw the duck laying the golden egg and went to the magistrate.

He told the magistrate that Ali had stolen my duck yesterday. When the justice officer asked Ali, he told the whole thing that how Basa had given him the duck. The judge said that tomorrow he will decide who will get the duck.

Like everyday, the duck gave a golden egg to the magistrate. The next day the magistrate showed the normal egg to both of them and said that your duck has given it yesterday. On asking separately, Ali told the judge the truth that his duck used to lay golden eggs.

While Basa said that his duck lays normal eggs. The judge took a new duck and gave it to Basa. And gave Ali the duck that lays the golden egg. Ali was happy to find the golden egg laying duck again.

Moral of the Story

Learning — We should never be greedy and jealous of others.

8. Short Moral Stories – Chatur Siyar

Once upon a time there lived a bull in a village. Who loved to travel. While wandering he reached the forest and while coming he forgot the way to the village. He reached near a pond while walking.

Where he drank water and ate green grass there. He was very happy after eating it and started shouting with his face up. At the same time the king of the jungle was going towards the lion pond to drink water.

When the lion heard the horrifying sound of the bull, he thought that some dangerous animal must have come in the forest. That’s why the lion started running towards his cave without drinking water. 2 jackals saw the lion running away in fear like this .

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He wanted to become the lion’s minister. He thought this is the right time to win the lion’s trust. Both the jackals went to the lion’s cave and said, we had seen you coming towards the cave in fear. The sound you were afraid of was that of a bull.

If you want, we can bring it to you. By the order of the lion, both brought the bull with them and joined the lion. After some time the lion and the bull became very good friends.

The lion took the bull as his advisor. Knowing this, both the jackals became envious of their friendship because what they had thought of becoming ministers did not happen. Both the jackals figured out the trick and went to the lion.

He said to the lion, the bull only pretends to be friendly with you. But we have heard from his mouth that he wants to kill you with his two big horns and become the king of the jungle. At first the lion didn’t believe it but he started feeling like it.

Both the jackals then went to the bull. He said to the bull that the lion only pretends to be friendly with you. If he gets a chance, he will kill and eat you. The bull got very angry knowing this and started going to meet the lion.

The jackal has already gone to the lion and said that the bull is coming to kill you. Seeing the bull getting angry, the lion understood the jackal’s words to be true and attacked the bull. The bull also attacked the lion and both started fighting with each other. At last the lion killed the bull and made both the jackals his ministers.

Moral of the Story

Learning We learn from this story that we should never doubt our friendship on what others say. Good friends are very hard to find.

9. Root of Rasgulla

Once upon a time a merchant from Iran came to the court of King Krishnadev Rai. The king said that the fame of our state is also spreading in the countries of the Middle East. This merchant is now a royal guest.

There should not be any shortage in its hospitality. The merchant was made to travel across the state. He was fed royal dishes. The cook brought rasgullas in a pot for the merchant.

He told the merchant that the king had specially asked to give this sweet to you. That’s why I have made it for you with great effort. The merchant said that I have no desire to eat it, you tell me its reality, only then I will eat it.

The cook was surprised at this and went to the king and told that the merchant wanted to know the reality of Rasgulla. The king said that he is our royal guest so whatever he is asking.

He would have to tell her. Tomorrow I will ask everyone in the court about it. The next day, when the king asked about the reality of Rasgulla in front of all the courtiers in the court, all the courtiers started laughing.

After this the king asked Tenali Rama, can you tell the reality of Rasgulla to the merchant. Tenali Ram said that he can tell the reality of Rasgulla, for this I need a silver bowl and a knife.

The king said that you will get what you want but you tell the reality of it. The next day, Tenali Rama brought the silver bowl covered with a velvet cloth to the court.

He removed the velvet cloth in front of the businessman and said that this is the reality of Rasgulla. The merchant started eating it with great pleasure. When the king saw, there were cut pieces of sugarcane in it.

The king said, Tenali Ram, you fed sugarcane pieces to the merchant by telling the reality of Rasgulla. Tenali Ram said that Maharaj Rasgulla is made from sugar and sugar is made from sugarcane. In this way, the reality of Rasgulla became sugarcane. The king was very happy to hear this from him and praised Tenali Rama and the businessman had also got the answer to his question.

10. Daughter is Not less than sons

Ramsingh and Padma husband and wife lived in a village. After some time their child was about to be born. Padma was admitted in the hospital. The nurse came and gave the good news to Ramsingh that you have given birth to twins.

Ramsingh said two boys but the nurse said one boy and one girl. Ram Singh did not want the girl. Because he was afraid of the expenses incurred in the marriage of the girl. After 2-4 days, Ram Singh came to his home with his wife and children.

He used to feed mostly the boy. Padma did not like this latter. One day Ramsingh told his wife that we cannot afford to have two children each. Our financial condition is not good.

Apart from this, we cannot even bear the expenses of the girl’s marriage. So we hand over the girl to my friend. who has no children. He will take care of our girl better than us as he is very rich.

Padma refused to give her daughter, but at the behest of Ramsingh, with a sad heart, she handed over her daughter to Ramsingh. Ramsingh handed over the girl to his friend’s wife. He was very happy to have a child.

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After this time passed Ramsingh was taking good care of his son and fulfilling his every wish. When the boy turned 20, he insisted on getting a bike from Ram Singh.

Ramsingh sold his wife’s jewelry and got her a bike. After some time he sold the farm and opened a shop for his son. Due to which he started earning something. Then after some time he also got her married.

After marriage the behavior of Ram Singh’s son changed. He said to his father, don’t taunt my in-laws. Everyday he used to fight with his parents on some issue.

One day he threw both Ramsingh and Padma out of their own house. Even after a lot of persuasion, he did not agree. Ram Singh and his wife went to a temple . After reaching there, Padma told Ramsingh to eat the prasad of the temple.

While taking Prasad, the wife of Ram Singh’s friend came there. He recognized Ram Singh. Introducing Ram Singh to his daughter, he told that she is the one whom you had handed over to us 25 years ago.

Today she is a doctor and also runs an old age home. Ramsingh and Padma were overjoyed to meet their daughter and told everything to their daughter. After this she said that now both of you will stay with me.

Moral of the story

Learning We learn from this story that we should never discriminate between boys and girls.

11. Greedy daughter in law 

Once upon a time there lived a family in a city in which there was a boy and his parents. He was not very rich but he had a lot of love. After a few days that boy got married.

He was married to a girl named Saloni, she was very greedy. She used to repeatedly ask her husband to bring new clothes and ornaments for the kitty party. Her husband explained to her that she should make friends only with her equals.

If you go to kitty party 10 times in a month then who will get you new clothes and jewelry every time. But she started quarreling with her husband and used to say that if I don’t go wearing new clothes and ornaments, my friends will make fun of me.

You don’t think of earning more, instead you keep stopping me. After this she went to her mother-in-law and said, Mother, give me your ornaments. I have to wear this to the kitty party.

Her mother-in-law was surprised and said, in our time, the daughter-in-law used to give her mother-in-law jewelry to keep, but you are asking for jewelry from me only. The whole family was saddened by his antics. One day Saloni’s friend Shilpa came home.

He asked Saloni’s mother-in-law about Saloni. He told that Saloni has gone to the party. Shilpa asked Saloni’s mother-in-law why are you looking so sad. Then he told the whole thing that how Saloni repeatedly demands new ornaments and clothes and spends all the money on them only.

She asks Shilpa that what is more important is roti or this show off. Shilpa said that only roti is necessary. But Saloni will have to explain this. Saloni’s mother-in-law asked how is that. After this Shilpa said let’s see.

Shilpa brought all her jewelry and new clothes and kept them at Saloni’s house and went to her home with all her ration and furniture. When Saloni came home, she was very happy to see new ornaments and clothes in her wardrobe.

After this, she said to her mother-in-law, whose is this, then her mother-in-law said, this is all yours. Now you can change and wear as much as you want. Saloni started roaming around the house wearing new clothes and ornaments from them.

After some time when she went to the kitchen, she saw that all the ration in the house was missing. There were ornaments in the ration boxes. She said to her mother-in-law, what is this, where did all the ration and furniture of the house go.

His mother-in-law said that he has brought new ornaments and clothes for you after selling everything. Now you wear them by changing them. Saloni said, but the jewelry will fill the stomach a little, then you will have to eat.

Then Saloni’s friend Shilpa also came. He said that when your mother-in-law first explained to you, then you did not agree. That’s why we did all this.

If you feel that your husband does not earn enough then why don’t you get a job yourself. You should pay attention to your home by avoiding these useless appearances. Now Saloni had realized her mistake.

Moral of the Story

Learning We should focus on essential things by avoiding extravagance.

12. Enmity Between Lion and Monkey

Once upon a time a hill was occupied by some monkeys. The monkeys were living there happily. After a few days, a lion came to live there with his secretary jackal in the cave built on that hill.

When the monkeys came to know, they went to the lion and said that we have possession of this hill, you go and live somewhere else. Hearing this, the secretary of the lion, the jackal, said that you are a tree for monkeys to live in and a cave for lions to live in.

You go and live in the tree. The lion assured the monkeys that he will not tell you anything until you disturb him. After this the monkeys left the cave. But he did not like the lion coming and staying there.

That’s why he started using many tricks to drive away the lion. But none of his plans were working. One day the lion told the jackal that after eating food, I do not like to go so far to drink water, so he should bring water in the pot. The monkeys overheard the lion’s words.

He thought that now he will not let the lion drink water. After this, the next day the jackal brought a pot filled with water for the lion and kept it outside the cave. After the jackal left, the monkeys pulled all the water down the hill with the help of a bamboo.

After some time, when the lion saw the empty vessel, he got angry at the jackal that you did not keep water for me. The jackal said that he had kept water but it might have dried up because of the heat. Tomorrow he will bring more water.

The next day the jackal brought water after filling the pot. But the monkeys made him fall down the hill with the help of bamboo. When the lion came, he was very angry with the jackal for being lazy and not keeping the water.

He will remove her from his secretary. The jackal told the lion that he had brought water. The next day the jackal again brought water, after which the jackal and the lion began to hide in the cave. After some time the monkeys came and emptied all the water by planting bamboos.

Now the lion and the jackal had understood. After this, whenever the jackal brought water, he used to leave half of the water in the cave and half of the water outside for the monkeys. Many times the monkeys came to know that the lion was watching us pouring its water but was not saying anything.

Apart from this, now the lion was coming very quickly after hunting. It went on like this for 2-3 months. After this the monkeys got tired and went to the lion. He said to the lion, we have been pouring your water for 2-3 months and you are seeing all this, so why are you not saying anything. The lion said on this because you are only taking advantage of me.

The monkey said how did the lion tell that the water that you drop down from the hill has grown green grass under the hill due to which many animals come to graze there. When I go hunting, he is eating grass with his face down.

So that I can easily hunt them and come back soon. You should think whether the one whom you are harming is being harmed or benefited.

Two Friends Moral Stories

Once upon a time there lived a lion in a forest. He was the king of that jungle. The lion was friends with a leopard. One day the lion said to the leopard that I am the king of this jungle and everyone is afraid of me.

On this the leopard said that everything is fine but as soon as elephants come in front of you. You lose your senses. Because they are very big and they are not even afraid of you.

The lion did not like this thing, the lion said to the leopard how dare you. To talk to me like this Cheetah said I am your friend. Lion said that I break friendship with you.

Now you will also respect me like other animals of the forest. After this Cheetah left from there. After a few days, the fox, who was the minister of the lion, caught the monkey and brought it for the crime of all the thefts.

The lion sentenced the monkey to death by throwing it from the mountain after one month’s sentence. After this the monkey was put in jail. When the monkey’s friend Hiran came to know about this, he went to the jail to meet the monkey.

The monkey said to the deer that I want to meet my family members once before I die. After this the deer went to the lion and said leave the monkey to meet his family once. The lion said that if he ran away.

The deer said that you can keep me in jail until the monkey comes back. The lion said that if the monkey does not come back, you will be thrown off the mountain. The deer accepted the lion’s words and was imprisoned instead of the monkey.

The monkey was released to meet his family members. Some days passed but the monkey did not return. After this the day also came when the monkey had to be dropped from the mountain. The lion and his minister fox went to the mountain with the deer.

He said that now you will be dropped at the place of a monkey. The deer bravely said that it is okay, I am ready to fall from the mountain. That’s why the monkey also reached there and said that friend, you do not need to fall from the mountain, now I have come.

Thank you so much for staying in jail for me till now. The lion was overjoyed to see their friendship and freed them both. The lion warned the monkey that if he steals in future, he will not be spared.

The lion thought that these are good friends who were ready to die for each other and I broke friendship with my friend Cheetah for a small matter.

The lion then went to meet the cheetah and apologized for his behaviour. After this the lion and the cheetah became friends again.

Moral of the story:

Learning We learn from this story that we should not break true friendship over small things.

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