2022 ADCC results, videos: Day 1 recap and standouts - Bihari Gyan

2022 ADCC results, videos: Day 1 recap and standout

The 2022 ADCC has officially begun with all the customary pomp.

Pyrotechnics and samurai light displays announced the arrival of the competition's international roster of grapplers.

Established champions and high-ranked fighters were ejected by unexpected opponents on the first day of the competition,

which proved to be dominated by the event's exempt underdogs.

The first day of the two-day competition will trim the divisions into quarter-final and semi-final brackets,

which will be finished the following day. There are five male categories and two female divisions.

The show began in the 99+ kg class, with Gordon Ryan taking on Heikki Jussila in the opening fight.

Within the first few minutes of regulation, Ryan gave a fast demonstration by grabbing Jussila's back and locking in an RNC.

Despite Ryan's place in the competition, Assembly Jiu Jitsu's Haisam Rida was the star of the bracket in round one.