'Chicago Med' Is Getting a New Doctor but She's All in Their Head - Bihari Gyan

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'Chicago Med' Is Getting a New Doctor but She's All in Their Head

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The Season 8 premiere of Chicago Med will have a lot to unpack from the Season 7 finale 

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From life-threatening fires to gunshot wounds, right on back down to classic medical emergencies and even a breakup, there is a ton of drama to get through.  

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In the midst of all this, there will also be a few new doctors in rotation. One of them will be spending a lot of time getting into everyone's heads.

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 Who is Nellie Cuevas on Chicago Med? Here's what we know about the new doc on the Chicago Med block.

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We don't know much about Nellie Cuevas (played Lilah Richcreek Estrada),

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but what little we do know certainly has our interest piqued.

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According to Deadline, she is a "psych fellow working alongside Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt)."

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Dr. Charles is truly one of the best parts of the show;actor Oliver Platt brings his signature dry delivery to a part of the

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healthcare world that is not often explored in a medical drama. We love mental health and we love seeing it treated on television.