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Paisa Jitne Wala Game: If you are looking for a game to win money, then read today’s post “Paytm First Game Se Paise Kaise Kamaye” till the end. Because PAYTM is a popular app. Friends, welcome to money earning games online blog. As you know, we keep giving you information about money earning online games (Pese Kamane Bale Game) in our blog. Even today we have brought for you another great information about Paise Wala Game Online.

Nowadays everyone is in search of earning money online sitting at home and by searching on Google we see many websites and apps to earn money by playing games. And video also. But many of these are also frauds. That is why today in this article we will tell you about branded money earning app games in which you can earn money by playing games. And this is real money which you can also withdraw by transferring it to your wallet and your bank account.

What is Paytm First Games?

This is an online gaming app where you can play many games like Ludo, Fantasy Cricket, Block Puzzle, Rangoli, Mahabharata Quiz, Jungle Adventure. You can also play Ludo in this and if you want, you can invite your friends and play with them also.
Along with this, in this app you have many games like Teen Patti Gold, Puppy Crush, Cooking Master, Candy Match etc.
You can earn a lot of money by playing it and along with it you all will also be entertained. This is also a Best Money Earning Game.

PayTM First Paisa Wala Game Download

If you want to earn money by playing Paytm First game then you have to download it first. You will not find this game on Google Play Store. Because Google does not allow games that cost a lot of money. That’s why for this you can go to the official website of this game and download this app. Or you can take the apk file of Paytm First Game from your friend and install it.

This is a safe app game. Which has been made on the basis of the rules of the Government of India.

How to Create Account in Paytm Game Paisa Wala

  • When you Download this App, you will See a Message Install Blocked. To fix this, you will have to go to your mobile settings and click on the unknown sources installation option and enable it. After this you can install this app in your mobile.
  • After installing it, you will also get the referral code option here.
  • By clicking on which you have to write Paytm First Games Referral Code, after entering it you also get a bonus.
  • Then after this it will show you the option to enter login and phone number.
  • You can create your account using either of the two options.
  • Like if you enter your phone number in the phone number option. Remember that here you have to enter only that phone number which will be linked to your bank account.
  • After entering the number, you will receive an OTP on your number.
  • You have to enter this OTP here and get the number verified.
  • After verification, you will have to enter your details which will be asked for here.
  • After entering all the details, your account will be created here.

How to play games in Paytm first games

You can play many games online in this app. For example, to play the game of RUMMY, you will have to select the option of Max Player and Enter Fee. In Max Player, you can select as many players as you want to play the game with, minimum 2 and maximum 6 players. Click on the entry fee option, select the amount of money with which you want to play the game, and click on Play Now.

How to earn money in Paytm first games

If you want to earn money online from mobile, then earning money by playing games is a great way. You can also earn some money from Paytm first games. There are many ways to earn money here. We have told you about some of these methods here.

Paise Kamane Wala Game Online Play

This is the most entertaining way to earn money from mobile. You can earn a lot of money by playing games on Paytm first games app. And you can also send this money to your Paytm wallet or through UPI or to the bank.

To win money by playing games here, you have to invest some money also. When you win this game you get cash.

Refer & Earn Game Paisa Jitne Wala

This method of earning money online is also very popular. In this you have to share this game app with your friends and when anyone joins the paytm game with your refer code. So you are rewarded for this. Whatever money or cashback you get from referring, you can play more games here and earn more money.

Paytm First Game List

  • Rummy
  • Call Break
  • Horce Racing
  • Slot

Fantacy Se Pese Kamane Bale Game

Friends, in Paytm Gems you can also create a team like dream11 and earn money. For this, you have to create a team of your choice in this app and if your team comes in the winning zone then you get the winning price. The higher you move up in the winning zone, the more money you get.

After this, you can also go to its Battle and Challenge section and earn money and win points by playing games. After earning points, you can convert these points into money. In this game app, along with playing games, you can also chat with your friends.

If you have good knowledge about fantasy cricket then you can earn good money by playing the game from here.

Spin & Earn Money Paisa Kamane Wala Game

There is also an option to earn money by spinning in Paytm First Game. For this you have to rotate the given wheel. You get points based on the numbers you get.

How to earn points in Paytm first games

You can earn points in this app only by adding money, money transfer, mobile recharge and bill payment. And if you have 2000 points in your account then you can transfer these points to your account through gift card in the wallet. And along with this, you can also use these points for other purposes like mobile recharge.

How to get money from PAYTM FIRST GAMES?

  • When the winning cash is deposited in your account, you have to do your PAN card verification.
  • After doing this you can take this payment.
  • To take this payment, you will have to open the Payment First game in your mobile and click on the Wallet option.
  • After clicking on the wallet, you will see the option to withdraw the winning amount, click on it.
  • After clicking on Withdraw, you will get the option of UPI and bank account.
  • You can withdraw the money by transferring it to any account of your choice.

Conclusion : Paisa Jitne Wala Game

Friends, today’s post is PAYTM 1st money earning game online. In PAYTM First Paisa Kamane Wala Game, we have given you information about another online game to earn money. Today we have told you what is PAYTM First Game. How to download PAYTM First Game? How to create an account in Paytm First Game. How to earn money from Paytm First Game. How to withdraw money from Paytm First Game etc.

This is a completely safe game, today millions of people can earn money from PAYTM First Game.

If you liked our post, please share it with your friends. And if you have any question in your mind, please write to us.

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