$1000 Stimulus Check Can Be Claimed By May 2024: Check Full News and Claim the Payment


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Check out details about the $1000 stimulus checks, which can be claimed through May 2024: Check out the full news and claim the payment from this article. Various information about the $1000 stimulus check can be claimed By May 2024: Check out the full news and claim the payment and other important things are covered in this article.

$1000 Stimulus Check Can Be Claimed By May 2024

A $1000 stimulus check was sent to citizens of the state of New Mexico in July 2023. Additionally, the government also announced a $1000 refundable income tax rebate for New Mexicans who meet the eligibility criteria.

Please note that the $1000 stimulus check was only for New Mexico residents. And they can also claim the same amount of refundable tax credit if they file their 2021 tax return by May 2024. However, a person can only claim one of them – either the tax credit or the stimulus check (relief payment).

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How to Claim the Payment

The $1000 stimulus checks were administered by the New Mexico Department of Human Services. This was for residents who had low incomes and did not intend or qualify for tax breaks.

$1000 Stimulus Check Can Be Claimed By May 2024
$1000 Stimulus Check Can Be Claimed By May 2024

A total of $15 million was appropriated to send the payments. Stimulus or relief payments were not automatic. A person was required to apply by providing his/her information. The intention was to send payments until the funds were exhausted. Most people received either $500 or $1000 from this relief payment

What are the eligibility requirements for a $1000 Stimulus Check?

This payment was for people who did not receive an exemption from their 2021 PIT return. People who received a tax exemption associated with filing a 2021 PIT return were ineligible to receive this stimulus check.

Check the eligibility –

  • The person should be living in New Mexico and should have a low income.
  • The person should have a valid SSN or ITIN
  • They shouldn’t have received a tax rebate associated with filing the 2021 Personal Income Tax Return.

All the payments have been made in July 2023, and there will not be any further rounds of stimulus payments. ($1000 Stimulus Check Can Be Claimed By May 2024)

Check the Full News about $1000 Stimulus Check

Most people think that the New Mexico government will send a $1000 stimulus check if they file their tax returns by May 2024. However, they are not completely wrong, but the information is wrong somehow.

Instead of a stimulus check, if people file their 2021 PIT return by May 2024, they will receive a refundable tax rebate. Individuals who live in New Mexico must file their 2021 individual income tax return by May 31, 2024, to qualify for this tax. Discount

Additionally, residents do not need to submit an application to receive their tax exemption. They just need to file their 2021 PIT return before the mentioned deadlines.

More information about refundable tax exemptions can be obtained by visiting the official web portal of the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue.

How much is the New Mexico Tax Rebate?

Tax exemptions were introduced by the government in view of rising consumer prices. The New Mexico Legislature not only approved $1000 stimulus checks, but also approved a tax break for eligible taxpayers who file their tax returns by May 2024.

The tax rebate can pay up to $1000 to those who file 2021 individual income tax returns such as married couples filing jointly, surviving spouses and heads of household. Additionally, individual taxpayers and married filing separately will receive a $500 tax break.

Please note that claimants should not be declared a dependent on someone else’s return. Those who have already filed their 2021 PIT return do not need to do anything. If they have received the refund as direct deposit, they will also get this discount as direct deposit.

If an individual has moved, they must submit their updated information through their TAP account or by sending Form RPD-41260. This will ensure that the payment is sent to the correct address.

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If a person’s banking details have changed, they will receive the rebate through paper cheque. However, if a person’s former spouse owed a debt at the time of the marriage (joint liability), the amount can be reduced to make up the difference.

If someone is divorced and previously filed a tax return as married filing jointly, the person listed as the primary filer will be exempt. Both need to figure out how to split the discount among themselves. ($1000 Stimulus Check Can Be Claimed By May 2024)

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