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If you are looking for a good web hosting company to host your website then Hostinger is a good option for you. You can start your blogging journey by purchasing web hosting from Hostinger at very low prices. At present, Hostinger provides shared hosting at the cheapest prices in the market.

But before buying hosting from Hostinger, you must read its complete review. Only then will you know whether Hostinger is the best web hosting for you or not.

In this article we have written an honest review of Hostinger. In this article, you will not only get to know about the good things about Hostinger, but based on my experience, I will also share with you every information about Hostinger such as features, price, advantages and disadvantages. So that all your doubts related to Hostinger will be removed.

So friends, without wasting any time, let’s start today’s article.

Hostinger Review in India

Company’s NameHostinger
CategoryWeb Hosting Service Provider
Year of Cstablishment2004 As a Hosting Media
the headquartersKaunas, Lithuania
service areaWorldwide
Website Visit Hostinger

What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is a very popular web hosting service provider which is known for providing hosting services at affordable prices. Hostinger is a Kaunas, Lithuania based web hosting company that provides hosting services all over the world.

Hostinger was started in the year 2004 when its name was Hosting Media. But in the year 2011 its name was changed to Hostinger. Hostinger is used by more than 29 million people from 178 countries around the world.

Features of Hostinger web hosting

Following are the main features of Hostinger web hosting due to which it is known as the best web hosting service provider.

1. Affordable Price

Whenever we buy hosting, the first thing we look at is its price. Compared to other web hosting companies, Hostinger provides hosting at very cheap prices. You can buy hosting from Hostinger for just Rs 59 per month, which is its most basic plan.

If you are a beginner who wants to create your own blog on WordPress, then Hostinger will be the best web hosting for you.

2. Uptime

The amount of time your website remains live on the internet is called uptime. And when the website is not live on the internet then it is called downtime.

If your website is not uptime even for 1 second, you lose 7 percent of your visitors. Hostinger promises 99.90 percent uptime for your website and it lives up to its promise.

I have been using Hostinger for the last 2 years, during which I have never recorded any downtime. This is a sign that makes Hostinger a reliable hosting provider.

3. Standard hPanel

Hostinger provides Litespeed cache to its users which means it does not have a c-panel. Hostinger provides h-panel in place of c-panel.

h-panel is exactly like c-panel from where you can manage your website and files. But the icons in h-panel are big and clear so that any new user can easily understand h-panel and manage their website using it. You can install WordPress with just one click from h-panel.

#4. Unmetered Bandwidth

How much data your website transfers in a certain time is called Bandwidth. Hostinger provides you Unmetered Bandwidth. This means that if your website suddenly receives a large amount of traffic, you will not have to worry about the server going down.

Hostinger’s most basic plan offers 100 GB bandwidth and its Premium and Business plans offer unmetered bandwidth.

5. Customer Support

Good customer support becomes very important in hosting service, because sometimes some problems arise in our website which only the hosting company can solve. If the hosting company does not provide good support then the webmaster has to bear a lot of loss.

Hostinger has made a lot of improvement in its customer support, it provides 24X7 customer support. If you face any problem with Hostinger, you can tell your problem through email or live chat and get the solution to your problem immediately.

Apart from this, you also get tutorial videos and articles on almost all the problems in Hostinger, with the help of which you can solve any of your problems automatically.

6. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Generally all web hosting service providers give you Money Back Guarantee so that if you do not like the hosting then you can return it and get your money refunded.

You also get 30 days Money Back Guarantee in Hostinger. If you face any problem, you can withdraw your money within 30 days without any hassle. You can get a refund from Hostinger via email or live chat.

Free features available with Hostinger web hosting

Hostinger also provides many free facilities to its users. Following are some of the major free features provided by Hostinger.

1. Domain Name

In Hostinger’s Premium and Business plans, you get a domain name absolutely free for 1 year.

2. SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate makes your website secure on the internet. SSL Certificate ensures that the data transmission on your website is secure, and such websites also get an advantage in Google search engine rankings. Hostinger provides a free SSL certificate for lifetime in its current plan.

3. Weekly Backup

If there is ever a problem with our website, then it is important for us to have a backup of the website, so that we can restore our website. Hostinger provides you the facility of Weekly Backup for free.

However, taking daily backups is very important to keep your website safe, so with Hostinger you will also need a Backup Plugin. Although Hostinger also provides the facility of Daily Backup, but for this you will have to pay or buy the Business Plan of Hostinger.

4. Email Account

Having a professional business email is very important to manage your business. Service providers charge you a lot for creating business emails. But in all the plans of Hostinger you get a free email account with the help of which you can create a professional email for your business.

5. Website builder

Hostinger provides a free website builder with the help of which you can create your website very easily. For your information, website builders are tools that allow the creation of websites without manual coding. Such as WordPress, Joomla etc.

6. Free Site Migration

If you are already using hosting from any other hosting provider and now you want to migrate your website to Hostinger, then Hostinger also provides you the facility of website migration for free.

Although it is quite easy to migrate your website from one hosting to another, still many people face a lot of problems in it, especially those who are not from the technical field. With Hostinger you don’t need to worry about website migration.

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After watching the complete video, a Withdrawal Money option will appear in front of you. You have to click on it, after that you can withdraw money by entering your UPI ID.

Which hosting does Hostinger provide?

Hostinger mainly provides five types of hosting, about which we have told you below –

  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting

But for a beginner, Hostinger’s Shared Hosting is the best. Because when we initially create a website, there is neither traffic nor much content on our website. Therefore, in the beginning we do not need much resources.

As your website grows, you require more resources. Hostinger also provides you the facility to update the plan as per your need. So when your website grows you can update your plan.

Hostinger Shared Hosting Plan

In Hostinger’s Shared Hosting you get three plans which you can buy as per your need. Different features are included in all plans.

FeatureSingle Web HostingPremium Web HostingBusiness Web Hosting
SSD Storage50 GB100 GB200 GB
Bandwidth100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Visits10,00025,000100,000
Email Account1100100
Free Domain NameNoYesYes
Free SSLYesYesYes
Money Back PolicyYesYesYes

Let us now understand all the plans of Hostinger Shared Hosting one by one.

Signle Web Hosting

This is the most basic plan of Hostinger Shared Hosting which starts with just Rs 69 per month. In this plan you can host only one website. In this you do not get any domain name for free and its features are also very limited compared to the other two plans.

Premium Web Hosting

This is the recommended plan of Hostinger Shared Hosting in which you can host 100 websites. In this plan you get 1 domain name for free for one year. Apart from this, unmetered bandwidth, 100 GB SSD storage etc. are also available in it. In comparison to Single Web Hosting Plan, you get double the resources.

Business Web Hosting

This is the most advanced plan of Hostinger Shared Hosting in which you get 2 times more resources than the Premium Web Hosting plan. In this plan you can host maximum 100 websites. In this you get 200 GB SSD storage, and it is capable of handling 1 lakh monthly visits.

If you are a beginner then Hostinger’s Premium Web Hosting plan will be best for you. And if you are buying hosting to bring your business online then you should definitely take Hostinger’s Business Plan because in this you get more resources at lower prices.

Note – Offers keep running in Hostinger due to which its prices keep increasing and decreasing. To see the current prices of all the plans of Hostinger, you can click on the link given below.

How to buy hosting from Hostinger?

To buy Shared Web Hosting from Hostinger at a discount, follow the following process.

  • Step 1 – First of all, open the official website of Hostinger by clicking on the link given below.
  • Step 2 – Here at the top you will get the option of Hosting in the Menu Bar, click on it and select Web Hosting here.
  • Step 3 – After scrolling the new page that will open in front of you, you will get to see all the plans of Hostinger Shared Hosting here, which you can select as per your requirement.
  • If you are a beginner then we suggest you buy only Premium Web Hosting. To buy Premium Web Hosting from Hostinger, click on the Add to Cart option.
  • Step 4 – Now you have to select the time period of hosting, i.e. for how many years you want to buy hosting. Initially you can buy hosting for 12 months i.e. 1 year. And it can be renewed after completion of 1 year.
  • Step 5 – After this you have to create your account in Hostinger. You can create your account through Email ID, Gmail and Facebook. There is a simple method of creating an account in Gmail Hostinger, so you can create an account in it through Gmail ID.
  • To create an account in Hostinger through Gmail, select Google here and then create an account in Hostinger using your Gmail ID.
  • Step 6 – Now the Payment page will open in front of you, here you will get many payment options through which you can make payment. Select your preferred payment method and click on Submit Secure Payment option.

Finally you complete the payment, and then you also have to claim your free domain name. So friends, in this way you can very easily buy hosting from Hostinger and claim a free domain name.

Benefits of Hostinger

  • Provides good hosting service at affordable prices.
  • You can install WordPress in one click.
  • The customer support of the hosting is also quite good, you can talk to their customer support team through email or live chat.
  • hPanel is given in place of cPanel whose interface is quite easy.
  • Premium and Business plans provide a free domain name for one year.

Disadvantages of Hostinger

  • Does not provide the facility of Daily Backup.
  • Free domain name is not available in single web hosting plan.
  • Phone calls are not supported in Hostinger.

FAQ: Hostinger Review in Hindi

Q – Does Hostinger provide free domain name?

Yes, in Hostinger’s Premium and Business plans you get a free domain name for one year. But you do not get any domain name in its Single Plan.

Q – Is Hostinger a good web hosting for beginner bloggers?

Yes, Hostinger is the best web hosting for a beginner blogger. It provides the best hosting plan at a low price and its hPanel is also very easy to use.

Q – Which is the good hosting for Hindi blogging?

Hostinger is a good web hosting for Hindi blogging, because it is providing excellent hosting service at very low prices. In this you get many features through which you can save many other expenses, such as domain name, email account, backup etc.

Q – Which hosting does Hostinger provide?

Hostinger mainly provides Shared, Cloud, VPS, WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

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