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Top 10 Online Paisa Kamane Ka Tarika – Well, there are many ways to earn, and people are earning money through those ways or we can say that they are earning a lot of money. Online (INTERNET) is also one of those methods.

Rather, Internet is a very good and easy way and also the most popular, so let us know all those ways by which many people earn lakhs of rupees per month. If you also want to know the ways to earn money online then read this article completely.

Top 10 Online Paisa Kamane Ka Tarika

Many people are unemployed even today with degrees. There is only one reason for this and that is that people do not recognize their inner talent and work hard for many types of jobs and eventually get tired.

All people, irrespective of their qualification, can easily earn money sitting at home by adopting these online methods. Some popular methods are –

  1. By blogging
  3. by selling photos online
  4. By creating mobile apps
  5. By becoming a FREELANCER
  7. Via URL Shortener
  8. by giving online coaching
  10. How to earn money from mobile?

You can easily earn through the methods mentioned above. So let us know about them in detail

1. How to Earn Money From Blogging?

Blogging is not the answer to earning money. Today, many bloggers are earning lakhs of rupees by writing blogs. Writing a blog means giving complete information about a topic in your own words.

To do blogging you need –

  • DOMAIN (eg –,
  • Hosting
  • internet
  • Computer
  • So create your blog today and earn online income.

An important point here – people talk about blogs often. But no one tells how the money will come, so know today that the money comes from Google Ads shown on the blog. Which will be visible on your blog. My blog is

GOOGLE will give money through Adsense Account. You can also earn money through other methods like Affiliate Marketing.

2. How to earn money from YouTube?

Today whoever you look at will be found watching videos from YouTube. But money can also be earned from YouTube. Youtube is a very easy way to earn money online which is operated by Google. Today, even big bloggers run their YouTube channels and earn Rs 5 to 10 lakh per month. You can earn money sitting at home by making a video from your mobile and uploading it on YOUTUBE.

To earn money from Youtube you have to –

  • Have to create a Youtube channel
  • need to shoot a video
  • After editing will have to be uploaded on the channel

In this way, keep uploading more videos, when your video gets monetized, then your earning will start.

3. By selling photos online

Yes, you read it right, you take photos with your mobile all day long, but do you know that you can earn good income by selling those photos online.

There are many popular sites where you can sell photos, and earn from Rs 100 to Rs 500 by selling one photo. Let us tell you about some such popular photo selling sites –


So register on these sites today and earn income by selling photos.

4. Earn money by creating Mobile applications

You can also earn money by creating mobile applications. For this, whether you have any coding knowledge or not, you can create a Mobile App through online platform and upload it on Google Play store. Before uploading, please monetize through Google Admob.

Following are the important sites for creating Online App –


Through these sites you can create a mobile app without any coding. Among which and are the best. If you have any problem in running these sites, then thousands of videos will be available on YouTube. Otherwise, ask me in the comments, I will explain this in full detail separately.

5. By becoming a freelancer

As can be seen from the name itself, freelancer means working freely (without any restrictions), that is, you can work whenever you want, at your own time, as per your wish, from wherever you want, from home or from somewhere outside.

Today there are many popular websites which provide work from home. You choose the work as per your requirement, whether it is logo design or thumbnail maker, or data entry, creating a YouTube channel, creating a Facebook business page.

All the work that you can do can be done by visiting these sites, you just have to register and search for work.

Freelancer sites which are quite popular –


Go and register and get started today.

6. Earn money by doing Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard the name of affiliate marketing a lot, but do you know what it is and how to do it? You can earn a good income from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means helping in selling any product. You can buy any product whether it is from Amazon or Flipkart.

There are many sites which run affiliate programs for their products like –

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • snapdeal
  • clickbank
  • Related to Bluehost, hostinger, godaddy ( hosting)

You go to these sites and join their affiliate program and send their products on your Facebook, WhatsApp, whoever will buy their products by clicking on these links. So you will get some commission in your link account through these sites.

7. How to earn money through URL Shortener?

Url means website link. Any person who uses the internet does not like long or big links. That’s why he needs a small link and you can easily save money by helping him.

You shorten the link through the site and share it with your friends. Whenever someone clicks on that link, he will see the promotion and you will get money for the same.

Url Shortener sites which are popular –


Whoever joins through these sites, you will also get money. In this way you can also earn money by shortening url.

8. By giving online coaching

  1. If you have very good knowledge about any subject and you want other people to know all that information or you are still giving tuition at home, then this method is very good for you.
  2. You can give online coaching by creating a group on Facebook, on YouTube channel, on Telegram or on your own site. In return, you can take some money from people as fees.
  3. Apart from this, you can also earn through Adsense. You can sell your own ebook that is related to any question or topic you already know.
  4. You can also sell ebook through affiliate program and increase your earnings. In online coaching, you can spread your knowledge about photography, cooking, mobile repairing, anything you know to people through online platform.

There are some online platforms which provide this facility easily.

  • Udemy
  • Telegram
  • Youtube

9. Earn money by doing online paid surveys.

You can easily earn money through online surveys, you just have to be a little alert and use your brain. Any online survey site takes information from people about any topic or product, for which the company related to it takes money and gives some part of it to you.

Many companies even sell their products directly to customers and take direct feedback from them. In fact, these companies take feedback from people about their products and make them better by removing their shortcomings.

These types of sites are –

10. How to earn money from mobile?

Nowadays, most of the people spend their time playing games on their smartphones or chatting with their friends on Facebook, WhatsApp. But do you know that you can earn a good amount of money by using your same smartphone and that too sitting at home with just a little hard work.

There are many such affiliate programs by joining which you can easily earn money by sharing their links. Some such examples are –
  • Facebook: Share the affiliate link of amazon product with your friend in Facebook group. And whoever buys anything from that link within 24 hours, you will get its commission in your account.
  • Whatsapp: You can also make money on Whatsapp by sharing the link of the app and by sharing the product of Meesho app in the group.
  • You can also earn money by playing games with friends online.

By adopting all these online money earning methods, one can earn money sitting at home.

I hope you have understood the online money earning strategy explained by me very well. You must have enjoyed reading this article. If you still have any problem or want to ask me something, you can comment below.

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