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Groww App से पर्सनल Loan कैसे ले : In today’s fast-paced life, every person sometimes needs money urgently and somewhere we also want our friends or family to help us but when it comes to money, they refuse in this situation. You also want to get a personal loan sitting at home. So today’s post on how to take loan from grow app is going to be very important for you.

Although we know what is loan and how it works along with how to deposit but many people do not know so let me tell you that it is usually credit when we get it as loan and it is used every time. Payment has to be made during the MI month. Now if you are interested in taking loan from groww app, then we have shared with you the complete information about groww loan app. Take a look at it once and then decide whether you should do it.

This is an application through which people can take loan as per their wish and can easily apply only through Aadhar card and PAN card. If you are also thinking of taking loan from this application, then install it immediately.

What is groww loan app?

Many people would know that groww is a stock market application through which we buy and sell staff, but currently groww has launched Finserv application. With the help of which groww consumer can apply for personal loan, home loan, education loan, golden loan and many other types of loans.

Many years ago, it used to work only on the stock market, about which every person knows, but now, apart from many banks, it is providing various types of loans to the countrymen at low interest. It looks like it is a stock market as well as Finserv application.

groww app se loan kaise le? : OverView

Application Namegroww app
CategoryInstant Personal Loan
Age Limitover 21 years
Loan AountFrom Rs 10,0000 to Rs 10 lakh
DocumentPermanent Certificate, PAN Card
Groww loan Click Here

How much loan can one get from Groww App?

Gray App allows loan from ₹ 1,00000 to ₹ 10,00000 to all types but depends on whether the person has CIBIL score and whether he has got the loan from there. Otherwise, if you select the amount online, the loan amount is given accordingly. Apart from this, there are some rules which every person has to follow.

For how long can I get a loan from groww app?

In groww app, the time given to deposit the loan amount is from 12 months to 30 years, within this you can deposit installment by installment every month, otherwise you can add auto payment bill, due to which EMI will be paid from your bank account.

If you deposit the loan amount in one go, you will be charged the same amount of interest as you have received the loan amount. There will be no extra charges in this or it depends on you whether you will deposit in one go or pay in installments.

What will be the interest rate in groww app?

See, this determines through which bank the groww app provides you the amount because the groww app itself does not provide loans to its customers, rather it provides loans to individuals in partnership with other banks. So, depending on which bank they are providing you the loan, it is said that the interest rate for getting a personal loan can be from 6.50% to 15%.


Friends, suppose you want to take a personal loan of Rs 1,00000. In which you get 6.50% interest rate and its Processing Fee: ₹ 0, then you want to pay within 2 years. In this you will have to pay EMI of Rs 4,455 every month. Apart from this, you will not have to pay for loan close service. Personal loan EMI calculator

  • Loan Amount: ₹1,00000
  • Duration: 24 p/m
  • Interest rate: 6.50%
  • Processing Fee: 0
  • P/m EMI pay : ₹4,455
  • Total interest payable: 24 M = ₹6,911
  • Payment Amount: ₹100000
  • Total payable: ₹100000+ ₹6911= ₹1,06,911

What documents will be required to take loan from groww app?

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • bank passbook
  • Payments Slip

Who can take loan from groww app?

A person can apply for a loan through the Grove app if he has a certificate and is an Indian citizen and there are some basic options.

  • Salary should come every month.
  • Must be an Indian citizen.
  • Must be above 18 years of age.
  • Must have an account with Grow Apps.

This is all about taking a loan, but now let us know how to get a loan from them and how to apply. For this, first of all we have to create an account in groww application. If you already have it then it is fine, if not then see the step by step below and know how to apply below.

How to create an account on groww app?

First Step: We are going to give you complete information about creating an account in groww loan app so that you can get ready by creating an account without any charge. In this also you will not need to pay any fee and you will open the account within 2 to 3 minutes. After which you can apply for loan. But before that install it on your phone.

  1. First of all, open the grow app.
  2. Now login with Google account or email ID.
  3. You have to set your PIN or you can also set your fingerprint.
  4. After this you have to click on the Company for Account Setup button.
  5. After this you will get to see the option of Trading Experience. Meaning, how many years of experience do you have or not, you can click on yes or no.
  6. Now you will get to see the selfie option in which you have to take a selfie from the front.
  7. You have to upload the photo of your PAN card. If you have already taken the photo of PAN card in your gallery, then you can go from there and upload the photo of PAN card or you can directly click the photo from the camera. .
  8. Enter the documents ID number of PAN card.
  9. After this, you will see the option of which lessons means your account has been created.

By doing this your account will be activated within 24 hours. After which you can apply for loan. However, let me tell you that it will not take 24 hours, the account gets activated after some time.

Apply Loan Online in Groww app?

  • First of all you have to open the grow app, after opening it you have to click on the Loan tab at the bottom.
  • As soon as you click on the loan, the amount will be shown in front of you in which you can pay as much loan as you want to take.
  • After moving forward, that balance will be transferred to your account.

Conclusion :- Today we learned how to take loan from grow app. How to take loan and how much can be availed and for how many days. Hope whatever information was shared in this article. All that must have been important to you. In this article, complete information related to grow loan app is shared.

So hopefully this article has been important for you. Do share this post with your friends so that your friends can also get information about personal loan from here and can throw you a party.

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