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How to Open e-pan Card PDF Password: PAN card is a document which all citizens of India must have. PAN card contains the name, address, signature, photograph of the candidate as well as a 10 digit unique identification number which does not change throughout the life. PAN card is used as an identity card in India and in tax related transactions in banking services.

You can make PAN card through the official website of Income Tax and can also get it in physical form and in the form of e-PAN. After downloading it in PDF form, PAN password is required to open it. Your e-PAN card opens only after entering this PAN Card Password. Today we are going to tell you about PAN card password through this article, so candidates must read this article till the end.

How to Open e-pan Card PDF?

Completing all the process of making e-PAN card from the official website of Income Tax, when the candidate downloads the PAN card then the candidate needs the e-PAN Card Password to open the e-PAN Card PDF. Candidates should enter their date of birth as the password asked to open the e-PAN card. After entering the date of birth, your e-PAN card PDF will open.

A security is imposed by the Income Department to protect your e-PAN card. Candidates can open their e-PAN card PDF by their date of birth. For this, candidates should download the e-PAN card PDF, after downloading, when you open the PDF, you are asked for the password. Suppose if your date of birth is 10/05/1995 then you enter it as 10051995, now your e-PAN card PDF will open.

If the PAN card is not made in the name of an individual but in the name of an institution, then to open its PAN card, you will have to enter the date of formation of your institution.

How to download e-PAN card?

If you want to get PAN card in 10 minutes, then you can get PAN card in the shortest time through the option of instant PAN card from the E-Filing website. To know about the complete process of making instant PAN card, candidates click on the following button.

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FAQ’s How to Open e-pan Card PDF Password

What is PAN Card Password?

After downloading the e-PAN card in PDF form, the candidate needs a password to open it, which is the date of birth of the candidate used as the password.

Can PAN card be obtained as PDF?

Yes! E-PAN card can be downloaded as PDF.

Can we make PAN card twice?

No! Only one PAN card is issued to an Indian citizen by the Income Tax Department. But in case of loss of PAN card, you can get another PAN card with your same PAN card number.

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