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Niyojan Praman Patra PDF Download 2024 – If you are going to make a labor card or labor card, then you will also have to provide employment certificate as an important document. Employment certificate is an important document which helps in making Shramik Card, Yatri Labor Card. Workers without employment certificate are given new labor cards.

In today’s post, we will provide all the information related to employment certificate like employment certificate pdf download, what is employment certificate, how to fill self declaration certificate for labor registration. We are going to share such information with you.

For all the important information related to niyojan praman patra pdf download, read this post till the end. After which you can easily make your labor card.

What is employment certificate?

Planning certificate is a type of document. This shows that the person who is going to get his labor card made has done similar work earlier also. Employment certificate plays the role of a reliable certificate, which is issued by the employment office or registered contractor.

If a person applies for any work to any company or contractor. So in such a situation, the employment certificate also shows his work experience and credibility, due to which the person gets employment easily.

  • Who makes the planning certificate?

The employment certificate is made by that firm or company or constructor. Where the applicant has previously worked. Through which the person’s working period, character and work experience are described.

  • labor employment certificate

Labor employment certificate, especially for those workers who work on contract or contractual basis. And after some time he leaves that organization to work for his own organization or to do some other work. So at the time of leaving, they receive an employment certificate or experience letter from their old organization which is an account of their working period along with other details.

Niyojan Praman Patra Form PDF Download

To make a planning certificate, you will have to fill the planning certificate and submit it. After which you will be issued employment certificate by your organization or contractor.

Here below you are being provided calling niyojan form pdf. You can make your employment certificate by downloading the employment certificate form PDF.

For labor card registration, it is necessary to get employment certificate made. For which you can download the employment letter form, the format of which is given in Hindi. Fill this form, submit it and get your request certificate made. The download link of Employer Form PDF is given below.

How to fill employment certificate.

After downloading the employment certificate form, you will have to fill the following information properly in that form. The information sought in the form is as follows –

  • Name of applicant
  • Name of applicant’s father/husband
  • applicant’s address
  • Name of post and district
  • details of their work
  • name of employer
  • employer’s address
  • Mobile and signature along with stamp
  • It is worth noting here that this form will be filled by the organization or contractor carrying out the planning work.

Copy of employment certificate PDF

Under niyojan praman patra pdf download, we are giving you the format of a copy of the employment certificate below. If you want, you can also download it in PDF format.

This copy will make it easier for you to fill the employment letter form, through this you can fill the required 1 correctly. We are giving you the link of the PDF copy of the planning letter below, by clicking on which you can download it.

How to download employment certificate?

You do not need to go anywhere to download the employment certificate. After filling the employment certificate application form and submitting it to your organization or company, you can get the employment certificate immediately.

The employment certificate will be made available to you in the form of a certified copy by your company or organization. The signature and seal of the person responsible for the executing agency or contractor will also be on that certificate.

Along with the seal and signature of the person issuing the certificate, it is mandatory to record his designation and place of work in writing. In such a situation, planning certificate becomes an important document.

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FAQ,s Niyojan praman patra pdf download

What is employment certificate?

Certificate is a type of document. Which is issued by any organization or contractor for the workers working there, in which details related to his working period are recorded.

What is employment certificate?

The certificate issued by a working organization or contractor for the work experience of its employee, which states the period for which he has worked, is called employment certificate.

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