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PayManager system is released by the Finance Department of Rajasthan State. In which it is mainly used for work related to salary, bills and banking of state government employees. Do you also use PayManager? Or want to do it. Generally, any type of services related to the service of government employees has been made available in Pay Manager. For example, e-salary, Paymanager login, pay-bill, bonus, bank registration, HOD Registration, Password reset, IFMS circular etc.

Rajasthan Paymanager Employee Portal 2024

Name of DepartmentFinance Department
CategoryGovernment Scheme
Name of PortalPaymanager
BeneficiaryAll Government Employees of Rajasthan State
Launched by which stateRajasthan
Services Salary Slip,Pay Bill,DA Arrear, Bonus etc.
Official Website Click Here

What is Paymanager?

This is a type of software which is a system for preparing salary bills of government employees of Rajasthan state. It provides details of Salary Bill, DA Arrear, Bonus, Banking, Arrear and Leave Encashment Bill. If you are a government employee of Rajasthan then ‘Paymanager’ will be useful for you. Employees can use the portal for any type of work. But, the employee must first login with his user ID and password.

What is PRI-PayManager?

This is also a part of PayManager, which has been specially issued for the government employees of Panchayat area of Rajasthan state. This portal also has similar functions like Pay-manager. It is used by Panchayati Raj employees. Whose official website URL is

Login to Paymanager-

  • First of all open the login page of PayManager-
  • Enter your “User Name” and “Password”.
  • Then, fill the ‘Captcha Code’ correctly.
  • After this, six options will appear – choose one among (a) DDO, (b) Employee, (d) Digital, (c) Department, (e) Sub DDO and (f) HOD / Sub HOD. Whose login ID is present.
  • Now, click on the “Login” button.

Pay Slip Download on Paymanager

[1] First login to the official website with your user ID.

[2] Then, click on “Employee Corner”.

[3] Click on “Pay Slip” of Employee Report.

[4] After this select like- Month, Year, Financial Year etc. Now, you have to click on the “Submit” button.

Salary Slip Status in Paymanager

  1. First of all login to the official site with your ID-
  2. After login, click on “Employee Corner”.
  3. Then, select ‘TA Medical Bill’ and choose “Bill Wise Status”.
  4. Then, select ‘Year’ and ‘Month’ also.
  5. Now, ‘Salary’ has to be done in ‘Bill Type’.

Know the Process of Bank Registration-

  1. First click on the link of ‘Paymanager Bank Registration’.
  2. Then, enter “First Name” and “Last Name”.
  3. Then, select your ‘User Name’ and click on “Check Availability”.
  4. Choose either Treasury or Bank.
  5. Select Treasury or Bank Name as per the option selected.
  6. If you selected Treasury then select ‘Sub Treasury’ code.
  7. You have to fill your “Address, Email ID, Phone Number and Office Name.
  8. Enter the password and enter the password again to confirm the password.
  9. Fill the mobile number and click on “Verify Contact”.

How to do HOD Registration in PayManager?

HOD Registration has two sections – (a) Account Details and (b) Personal Details

(a) In Account Details –

  • First of all you click on HOD Registration link.
  • Then, select your department in ‘Select Department’
  • Fill in IFMS User Name and Password.
  • Then, click on “Verify Login”.

(b) In personal details –

  • There will be two options in Search by – (1) Employee id and (2) Nicuid, choose one of these.
  • Then, fill NICUID/Employee ID.
  • Enter Paymanager Name and ‘IFMS Name’.
  • Now, fill the email ID and ‘IFMS Email Id’.
  • Write the mobile number of PayManager and IFMS. After this fill the ‘OTP Code’.
  • Then, put check marks on DSC Certificate and Generate OTP boxes.

Note: Download and Install ActiveX for Paymanager HOD Registration 2024.

How to Reset Paymanager Password?

If you are a Rajasthan government employee and have forgotten your password, you can request for password reset. To change the password, follow the following steps-

  1. For this, first open this page-
  2. Enter your “Employee ID” and bank account number.
  3. Then, fill “Date of Birth” and enter ‘Mobile Number’, this is optional.
  4. Verify Contact No. Click on it to verify. After this click on “Submit Details”.

How to change Income Tax and GPF Deduction Amount?

1.] First login with your Employee ID.

2.] After login, click on “Employee Deduction Request” of “Employee Corner”.

3.] Then, in Select Deduction two options (1) GPF and (2) ITAX will appear.

4.] Select whichever amount you want to change and click on ‘Edit’.

5.] After this fill the Deduction Amount and Reason and click on “Save”.

Types of login in Paymanager-

There are four types of login process of Rajasthan Paymanager portal which are as follows-

  • Bank Login
  • Department Login
  • DDO Login
  • Employees Login

(a) Bank Login: Bank login type is used for work related to banking department.

(b) Department Login: It is logged in by the department of Rajasthan. So that he can oversee the work of the department.

(c) DDO Login: It is used for bill payment, outstanding bills etc.

(d) Employee Login: This login is done by the government employees of Rajasthan. In which it is used for salary slip download, salary details etc.

Contact Details of Paymanager Department

Customer Care Number0141 5111010, 0141 5111007
Complaint Call0141 2744402
Email Id

Note: If your problem is not resolved through the helpline number, visit the department office. Because every type of problem cannot be solved only by helpline number.

Employee Increment Date Update

  1. First of all, login with your Employee ID.
  2. Then, click on ‘Employee Corner’ and click on Update Emp of ‘Master Data Report’. Click on Pay Date.
  3. After this Type and Date will appear. Whatever date you want to change, click on ‘Edit’.
  4. As soon as you click on Edit, the date will be shown in the date box.
  5. Now, the date has to be changed and a file has to be uploaded. Who can ask his superiors.
  6. After uploading the file, click on “Update”.
  7. After this this request will be sent to DDO. After approval by DDO, it will go to HOD for approval.

SI Policy Number Update on Paymanager

  • First of all, login to PayManager with your login ID.
  • Click on ‘Update No Details Request’ link of ‘Master Data Request’ of Employee corner section.
  • After this, details like employee name, PAN number, Aadhaar number, SI Policy No etc. will be visible.
  • Then, click on the Edit button and after clicking on ‘Generate OTP’ you will have to ‘Verify OTP’.
  • Now, you have to upload the file in which upload the PDF file of SI Policy Number.
  • After uploading, click on ‘Submit’.

Note: To create PDF file of SI Policy No, get it from website.

How to Download Mobile App?

  • First of all click on the App download link or search in Google Play Store.
  • After this install the app. After installation, allow all access to the app and open it.
  • Then, you can ‘Login’ with your ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’.

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FAQs for Paymanager Employee Portal Rajasthan 2024

Q. Is this portal for employees of all states?

No, this portal is useful only for the government employees of Rajasthan state.

Q. Can I check the pay bill details of an employee working in a private or any company?

No, it is available only for Government Employees.

Q. By what date is it mandatory to send the attendance sheet (salary slip) of the employees?

For salary auto process, the attendance sheet (salary sheet) of the employees will have to be sent to the department by 8th of every month.

Q. Has the URL of the Pay Manager portal changed?

Yes, the URL of the official portal has been changed to

Q. What does the name PayManager mean?

There are two words with different meanings in it – ‘Pay’ and ‘Manager’ i.e. the one who manages the system related to Pay.

Q. In how many ways can Bill No Allocation be generated?

To create bill number allocation, two methods are available on the portal – (a) Manual and (b) Auto. Select ‘Manual’ for only one of these bills and select ‘Auto’ option for multiple bills at once.

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